The 32-Bit Cafe


The 32-Bit Cafe is a webspace community that started in late 2022, made up of website developers, artists, website designers, writers, technologists, university students, and internet enthusiasts at varying levels of expertise. The community focuses on building up the personal web, by being a resource to help and encourage folks create their own websites, as well as de-corporatizing their internet usage, offering independently hosted tools, services, and hosting. Their mission states, “The best part about the 32-Bit Cafe is that we're trying to move the internet forward productively in the ways we can make an impact, participating in the creation of web services, websites, and weird, wacky web projects. We want to bring back the idea of personal websites to the many of us who have been stuck in social media cycles since the emergence of Web 2.0.”

The 32-Bit Cafe runs community events, writes handy guides and tutorials for the independent web, and tries to promote a positive, encouraging atmosphere to help folks build more websites on their Discord server. They have project teams that focus on different aspects of volunteering around the community, including event planners and guide writers (called Scribes). The website also features CSS theme submissions, which anyone can submit.

The 32-Bit Cafe also maintains the collaborative, community-driven massive Resources List for the Personal Web, to help new and seasoned web hobbyists alike find tutorials, generators, tools and programs, graphics, services, utilities, codes, and everything in between to help get them creating more on the independent web.

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