3D Worlds + Virtual Worlds

This page is dedicated to collecting information related to 3D worlds, primarily within the scope of the web revival and the web!

What is a 3D World

A 3D World is a digital space that is created in some sort of 3D engine, typically you can explore it by moving around and clicking on things. In the Web Revival these worlds are often small and are intended to load quickly. Most web based 3D worlds are created using X3D or Three.js

Examples of 3D Worlds:

What is a Virtual World

A virtual world is a simulated world; to be a true virtual world sit must be multiplayer and it must have a memory or persistence. In a true virtual world you can login, see other player, make changes to the world, and those changes should still be there when you return in the future. A virtual worlds does not need to be 3D, it can be a 2D world.

An Example of a very simple 2D virtual world is Melon's Virtual Worm.