Forum Staff

This is an active list of MelonLand Forum Staff and Helpers.

Active Staff

Past Staff

  • shevek - Head Moderator
  • awhe - General Moderator
  • xandra - Advisor
  • MamboGator - General Moderator

What tasks do staff do?

The role of each Moderator can be quite different; however the main goal of moderators is community building - so their tasks my involve welcoming, creating topics, keeping an eye out for posts that need to be reported, keeping an eye on forum members that might be having difficulties etc.

Admins handle the technical functioning of the forum - this can be related to bug fixes, code and database work.

How are staff appointed?

Staff are invited based on what kind of help is needed; usually all the staff will put together a list of potential candidates and then agree on who would be the best choice!