Melon's Gallery Maker - Wiki Page

Gallery Maker is a micro-static site generator that makes it super easy to share your photos, make gif resource sites and showcase your artworks.

It can be downloaded for free on, and the change/feature list can be found on Melon's info page, the source code can be found here, if you have questions please ask them on the forum. This wiki page is for sharing extra tips, tricks and templates that might be useful to people using the gallery maker!

Gallery Maker creates galleries out of folder structures on your computer; folders are two levels deep - the root folder is your gallery root, and each sub folder is a photo album within your gallery. If you need to create a more complex structure; such as separate galleries for art and photography, its recommended you create totally separate galleries.

Key steps:

  1. Make a folder called “My Gallery” or anything else you like!
  2. Make folders within My Gallery for each album “Photos of my trip to Spain” etc
  3. Put photos of your trip to Spain in in the album folder!
  4. Open Gallery Maker, and pick My Gallery as the source
  5. Pick an output folder to save too (make sure its not My Gallery!)
  6. Click Make! This will generate your gallery and allow you so see the results.
  7. You can then edit your templates and settings to suit your needs.
  8. Re-make your gallery each time you edit settings or add/remove pictures!

Extra Album Functions:

Alongside photos, there are a few special files you can put in your album source folders to make them more unique and useful!


If you put a .css file in an album folder (it can be called anything as long as it ends in .css) It will be automatically included when your gallery is generated. This allows you to give each album a custom look and feel. Although, please note that only one .css file can be included, if you put multiple css files in a folder the program will ignore the others.


You can include any .mp3 file in an album folder and it will be added in your gallery automatically; this allows you to give each album its own unique soundtrack. Similarly to .css files, it can be called anything, but only one file can be used. For the sake of your visitors I recommend you use smaller mp3 files for background music; keeping them under 1mb is ideal.

TXT - Descriptions file:

You can give each album folder its own unique description by including a .txt file. Your txt file can be called anything “info.txt” etc, however it must end with .txt and there can only be one.

The first line of your txt file will always be imported as an overall album description that will be displayed at the top of all album pages and used as the meta-description tag.

In addition to this you can also give any photo in the album a unique description by adding a # followed by the photo's exact filename and its description on the following lines. NOTE: this means you can't use #'s anywhere else in your txt file! Image descriptions will be placed below each image within <figcaption> tags.

An example .txt file:

Hello this is my album about my trip to Spain in 1997!

# IMG123.jpg
This is a picture of our tour guide, he loved to dance and sang about Jupiter for some reason.

# the hotel in spain.jpg
This was our hotel, it was made of glass so I woke up very early.

# oh well.gif
I found this picture of a UFO and it looks a lot like our taxi.. I wonder why??


  • Q: Do I need to include the “Made with Gallery Maker” footer in my gallery?
  • A: No this is optional, you can remove it from your template if you like.
  • Q: Do galleries work on mobile?
  • A: Yes, all of the default templates are mobile optimised, however you can make any template work well on mobile!
  • Q: Is the Neocities uploader secure?
  • A: The uploader uses the Neocities API, requests are sent over HTTPS and it never saves your password, so its as secure as logging into the website normally!
  • Q: Can I have multiple galleries on my neocities site?
  • A: Yes you can have as many as you like, just make sure to put them in different folders!
  • Q: How do I use the Extra Templates?
  • A: Just open your sites templates folder and copy the files into it, replacing as needed!