MelonLand Guidelines

The MelonLand guidelines are a set of ideals and rules that I will do my best to apply to all MelonLand sites to make sure that they give everyone visiting MelonLand the best possible experience; If you'd like to apply these guidelines to your site or community too feel free to link them!

These guidelines apply to all MelonLand sites, and sites linked to from MelonLand sites*

  1. Active fair moderation to ensure spaces are safe and positive!
  2. Respectful of others, appreciate their differences and opinions; we are inclusive to all forms of existence.
  3. Emphasis on kindness and respect to all people; and a promotion of knowledge <3
  4. Avoidance of excessive data collection and analytics $$
  5. No allowance of harassment, pestering or diminishing of people or groups - be pleasant and think before posting.
  6. No promotion of hate, conspiracies or misinformation - please avoid references or devils advocates.
  7. Avoid content depicting or referencing traumatic situations or illegal material - aka things that you would not show to your mum.
  8. Appropriate warnings before entering a space that contains adult content or upsetting themes.
  9. Avoid links or identifiable references to sites/media that clearly break these basic guidelines.

Also please read the etiquette guide :^]

*While its not possible for us to vet EVERY link and piece of content - I ask that people make their best effort and report mistakes when they happen - We will do our best to make every connection out of MelonLand a good one :^)

Forum Unique Rules:

  1. Please keep the forum casual but on-point and sort things into the appropriate sections.
  2. Please don't post memes, in-jokes or use acronyms, particularly if it requires context/external knowledge to understand.
  3. Please remember a forum is not a chatroom, posts should be a full sentence or more, avoid short posts!
  4. Please keep topic titles and subjects neutral and descriptive - avoid clickbait phrasing.

Check this page to learn how to report issues to the moderator!

Usage Agreements for the Forum/Wiki:

  1. Breaking rules and/or guidelines may cause you or content you've created to be removed from MelonLand sites.
  2. Please try and keep your account secure, and don't impersonate or hack others.
  3. Please use a real email, I may not be able to help you recover an account with a fake email.
  4. You are responsible for what is posted with your account, regardless of who uses your account.
  5. The forum owner may decide to remove or edit your account and/or posts without notice if its deemed necessary.
  6. Anything you post is public and will be shared publicly.
  7. Posts made by forum/wiki members do not represent the forum owner or anyone else on the forum!