Surf Club!

Greetings chum, this is an info page for the Surf Club! The surf club is a webring that is designed to promote and help people find the homepages of MelonLand Forum members!

Joining the Webring

Joining the webring is really easy!

  1. Make an account and login to the MelonLand Forum
  2. Select your Profile and go to the “Forum Profile” modification tab.
  3. Scroll down to the “Website URL” and “Website Title” text input fields!
  4. Enter your homepages URL and Title, then click the “Change Profile” button!
  5. Done! Your homepage should appear in the webring within 2 hours.


  • Q: How is the webring members list sorted?
  • A: Its sorted by forum activity, so visiting the forum will move you up the list!
  • Q: How often is the webring page updated?
  • A: Its updated automatically every 2 hours!
  • Q: Do I need to display the webring widget on my site?
  • A: Nope, the widget is optional, but hella cool if you do use it!
  • Q: Can I use the forum but opt-out of the webring?
  • A: Sure! Just don't include your homepage on your profile (you can still put it in your signature)
  • Q: My site is not showing up in the webring list!! :(
  • A: Make sure your URL is correct and your site does not have errors!
  • Q: My site is not displaying its colours/background correctly on the webring list?
  • A: The list tries to get your <body> background-color, background-image and your <p> or <a> color - set those to modify your style!
  • Q: How do I get a cool site description on the list??
  • A: Easy, just set a description meta tag in the head of your index.html!

Modifying the Widget & Making your own!

You can resize the widget by changing the width and height values included in the widget code (by default its 100x100px). You can also supply your own colour code in the url (or use the colour picker) to change the widgets colour!

You can make your own webring widget if you like, its VERY simple; you can make it anyway you like just include these two links:

Site Rules and Moderation

Melon does his best to make sure all the sites in the webring are safe and good; however homepages are the personal spaces of the individuals who created them, so they may express personal views that you (or melon) dont agree with!

The surf club is aimed at creative personal homepages rather than self promotion; with that in mind, social media accounts and link lists wont be included.

Sites that don't loosely fit the MelonLand rules may be removed; if you see a site that contains hurtful material or is totally broken. Please report it to !