New Net Art

New Net Art is an undefined mass digital art movement created by the collective work of thousands of individuals working on Web Revival websites and other forums of digital media, such as 3D Worlds and Digital Folk Music.

The name is derived from the pre-existing Net Art movement of the 1990s which used the Internet as an artistic medium. New Net Art on the other hand dismisses the concept of mediums entirely, everything is a medium in New Net Art as long as it can capture the emotion and experience of life in the digital age of the early 21st century.

Key Features of New Net Art

In New Net Art, the interaction between the artist and the audience is as important as the works they create. New Net Art does not exist in the form of traditional artworks, but instead it exists in the relationship or discussion that happens between the artist and the audience. In most cases, the audience are also artists too.

New Net Art depends on the idea that the structure of a space is as important as whats in it. In New Net Art the gallery/website/room/zone that the art is displayed in is also entirely part of the artwork. This idea can be connected into the white cube discussion of Brian O'Doherty in the 1980s. Net Net Art typically attempts to dismantle any form of white cube; which is why it often connects into the chaotic retro aesthetics of early web design as a means of escaping the modern white cube web.

New Net Art does not depend on the internet as a medium. It explores that idea that digital life is so pervasive that anything made today can be related to the experience of digital life. New Net Art is not focused on visual styles, or aesthetics; it's based on the experience and emotion of digital existence.

Collectives, Journals, and Residencies


An Inquiry into Designing Metaverses (2021) (Core idea of structure on the modern web comes from here)