MelonLand EtherPad

The MelonLand pad is a free notepad powered by etherpad that everyone can use. It allows you to create text documents that you can access via a link and edit with others (like a google doc). As you type on the pad you'll see everyone's changes in near-real-time! Feel free to use these pads for your own projects if you need them.

Currently there are two kinda of pads you can create:

  1. Public pads can be edited by everyone with the link -
  2. Community pads can only be edited by forum members -

MelonLand Everyone Website

Everything written in the Community Pad is published instantly to where it can be read publicly! Its published as plain HTML, so its essentially a shared website that all forum members can edit with each other.

You are very welcome to edit pages, add new pages, and do what you like on here (as along as it does not break MelonLand rules of course :s). Feel free to use this as a playground, personal web host or whatever you can think of using it for!

Pads are mapped to their matching everyone url, so for example:

Making New Pages

Creating a new page is easy, just enter its name in the text box at the top and click “Make or Open a page”, if the page already exists it will open it for you, if it does not yet exist it will create it and open it for you!

When linking to a page in your html code just use its name in the href!

Editors and Timeline

Hover over text to see who wrote it! Everyone is able to set a unique color to highlight their edits; if you find this hard to read you can hide it using the cog menu.

Every edit on the pads is connected to a forum account and can be followed through time using the timeline tab, so you can see all past edits. You can use the snapshot feature to save a freeze-frame of a a pad, then even if the pad is changed you can easily return to your snapshoted version of the pad!

Images and Media

There is no image or media hosting on the pad, but your welcome to hotlink media from other hosts such as nekoweb or neocities. Images are automatically proxied through the melonland image server to ensure they load fast regardless of where they are from!

Animations / Classes

Most and Melonland Forum animations are available as classes on every page!

Class What it does
.spin Makes things spin
.spin-slow A slower spin
.swing Swinging like a lamp
.bobbing Floating in the sea
.tossing Floating in space
.blink Flashing
.marquee Forum marquee, requires an inner span
.twist Melonking nav icons spin on hover
.tilt Melonking image bow on hover
.flip GifyPet flip on hover
.wiggle GifyPet wiggle on hover

MoMG Picture frames can also be used by default, just wrap your image in a frame div/span like so:

<div class="picture-frame-1"><img src="" /></div>

.picture-frame-1 to .picture-frame-5 are supported and will offer different sizes and colors of frame.


All forum fonts are supported by default on every page

  • wingdings
  • pixel basiic
  • pixel heart
  • pixel romance
  • chicago
  • cherrybomb
  • blox
  • mrs monster
  • trash hand
  • flavors
  • baby doll
  • papyrus
  • Comic Sans MS
  • MS PGothic Okato