MelonLand Minecraft Server

Hello! You've reached the info page for the MelonLand minecraft server; this is a retro casual survival server running on Minecraft version 1.5.2 from 2013!

How do I join?

The server runs on Minecraft 1.5.2, you can use any modern client including the official one, just install version 1.5.2 and connect to the server IP! However because this is an old version of the game you may also want to follow the Recommended Game Setup guide below for best results!

How do I get build access?

1. To get build access you'll need an account on the MelonLand forum (Please note forum accounts are by approval only and we don't approve accounts simply to allow Minecraft access - please see the Thinking of Joining the forum thread if you don't have an account)

2. Once you are logged into the forum use this page to set your Minecraft username and password - It will allow you to set a password you'll use in-game, you can also use this page to reset your password if you forget it in the future! (It works with official or offline Minecraft names)

3. Make sure to logout and back in again after setting your password for the first time - it should say “Welcome back” if you did everything correctly!

What features does it have?

Most commands and features are explained in game, but here is a quick feature list!

  • A friendly spawn to make you feel at home <3
  • Chest Locking and Block Logging to keep your stuff safe!
  • PvP can be toggled on or off as you wish!
  • A simple economy system and shops!
  • Tree Chopping Assistant and other passive enchantments!
  • CraftBook Minecarts for anyone who likes making railways.
  • Forum profile searching, Nicknames, and other handy features!
  • In Game Password to stop hacking!

What are the rules?

This server follows the general MelonLand Guidelines used on all Melon services!

This is all totally optional, however this guide will get you setup with the best possible rig for plying this server; I highly recommend you follow these steps!

  • Works well on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Fix Skin Textures (Mojang no longer supports skins on this game version)
  • Improve your overall game performance
  • Allow fancy extra textures included with the Recommended Server Texture pack!
  • Allow you to use Shaders if you like!
  • Add a minimap to your game!

Step 0 - Make sure Java 8 is installed!

Windows: Download here: (Pick version Windows Offline (64-bit))

Mac: There are a few extra steps for Mac users - we will install Zulu, a custom Java build that also works on M1 Macs.

  1. Install the Homebrew Loader:
  2. In terminal run: brew tap homebrew/cask-versions
  3. Then run: brew install –cask zulu8

Linux: You can generally skip this step. If you are using Flatpak or Appimage packages to install Minecraft or any 3rd party launcher (like Prism), java should be preinstalled inside the package or at the very least install automatically.

Step 1 - Prism Launcher

The prism Launcher is a 3rd party Minecraft Launcher and it will help us out a lot!

  1. Download the Prism Launcher here:
  2. Open Prism, select Java 8 (1.8) and select the amount of RAM (4-8GB recommended)
  3. Select New Instance - pick 1.5.2 - also select to install Forge (Pick version - press Ok
  4. Prism will ask you to login to your Microsoft/Mojang account, do this! (If you don't have an account its not required)

Extra: If you are on a SteamDeck, reference this guide for additional setup tips and getting things to work in game mode!

Step 2 - Mods!

In this step we will install a few mods that will make your game way better and very cool!

  1. In Prism select your 1.5.2 install and pick Edit - a new window will open with settings!
  2. Download OptiFine (1.5.2 HD U D2) here
  3. Select Version from the side.
  4. Find the “Add to Minecraft jar” button, click it and add the Optifine zip - Optifine is DONE!
  5. Download the ShaderMod here
  6. Find the “Add to Minecraft jar” button, click it and add the GLSLShadersMod zip - ShaderMod is DONE!
  7. Select Mods from the side.
  8. Download ReisMinimapMod here
  9. Find “Add File” and add the Reis-Minimap-Mod zip - ReisMinimap is DONE!
  10. Select Core mods from the side (if you don't see this, make sure Forge was installed!)
  11. Download the LumySkinPatch here
  12. Find “Add File” and add the LumySkinPatch jar - LumySkinPach is DONE!
  13. Done all of our mods are installed!

Step 3 - Final Setup!

Here we will do some final steps to get everything setup for you!

  1. Launch Minecraft! - If you have issues check the troubleshooting section below!
  2. Select Multiplayer and add the server details!
  3. Download the Server Texture Pack (Links above or use your own texture pack preference)
  4. Open Options / TexturePacks / Open Textures Folder - put the server texture zip in the folder!

Change these settings: Open Options / Video Settings

  • GUI Scale: Normal
  • Fog: Fancy
  • Advanced OpenGL: Fancy
  • Quality / Mipmap Level: 1
  • Quality / Antialiasing: 4
  • Quality / Better Grass: Fancy
  • Quality / Better Snow: On
  • Quality / Clear Water: On
  • Quality / Natural Textures: On

Step 4 - (Optional) Shader Setup!

If you have a more powerful computer then I highly recommend trying out some shaders, they will really improve your experience!

  1. Download the collected shaders pack for 1.5.2 here
  2. In Minecraft - Click - Options / Shaders / Open Shaders Folder
  3. Unzip the Collected Shader zip and put all of these files in your shaders folder!
  4. DONE, you should see a big list of shaders in MC - you can pick any and try them out in game.

Tips and Troubleshooting!

  • The game randomly crashes when I try and start it from the official launcher! - You can try this fix.
  • If you get a black screen after starting MC - go to Version, select Install Forge again and install the oldest version of forge instead.
  • If you cant open the Shaders Zip, check that your Anti-Virus is not blocking it, shaders are basically blocks of code, so they can freak out some anti-virus - also try using a good zipping tool like 7zip!
  • On M1 Macs colours are inverted in MC, there is no way to fix this in windowed mode, but it will go away in fullscreen if you use the prism launcher.
  • If nothing happens when you try and connect to the server, press the enter key instead of clicking to join!
  • Sometimes joining the server just fails; keep trying 3-4 times and it should work!
  • I cant climb ladders!!? - Make sure you install forge version - it fixes this issue!
  • Textures are white or black blocks/are not transparent on the server texture! - Check that you have the latest version! - if you do tell melon!
  • Everyones skin is the same / I cant see my skin? - Did you install the skin fix mod? If not, do it! (Skins no longer work on older vanilla minecraft games without a fix)
  • I still cant find “coremods” in Prism! - You can find it manually by launching the game, opening the texturepacks folder from options, then navigating one level back into the “.minecraft” folder; here you will see your coremods folder and you can drag .jar files into it.
  • On Steam Deck search for the community layout “Minecraft - Older Java Versions without controller support” to get proper controls!